Served from 9am - 2pm


Chocolate Potato Doughnut
     crème anglaise
Chocolate Malt Milk Shake & Fries... dip 'em
Lemon Ricotta Pancake. blueberry syrup
House Made Cottage Cheese. 
poached cranberry. ginger. mint
Tasty's House Granola
    cinnamon apples. sweet lebneh
Quiche Lorraine.  bacon. gruyere. caramelized onions  *
Bambino Plate
     scrambled eggs. bacon. biscuit. royal's honey butter
Northwest Migas
     tex mex scramble. tortilla chips. salsa rojo  
Provolone Picante Pork Sausage.  Toro Bravo             
     bacon lardons. manchego. six minute egg*
Cast Iron Frittata
     smoked cauliflower. caramelized onion. jack cheese.
onion sour cream
Potatoes Bravas  fried in washimi wagyu tallow
     over easy eggs. aioli*  
Polenta n Sugo
     italian braised pork shoulder & belly. chicken.
     mozzarella. over easy egg*      
Banana Walnut Bread. cajeta  
     Add Seared Foie Gras+

Cheese Board & Accoutrements
Toro Bravo Charcuterie Board  
Smoked Trout & Accoutrements *  Two X Sea
French Board
quiche lorraine. country pate. camembert. green salad *
Make it French AF and add Seared Foie Gras+
Fried Egg & Cheddar Biscuit *
     select: fried chicken. house cured bacon.
     house made sausage
Pan Fried Halibut Sandwich  
Steakhouse Sandwich   Cascade Natural
The Alder Burger   Marin Sun Farms *
     chubut cheese. house bacon. hazelnut romesco

Salad Nicoise. confit oregon albacore tuna*
Tasty Hangtown Fry
open faced omelette. fried oysters.
bacon lardons. buttermilk biscuit
Tasso Ham Hash. onion sour cream. over easy egg* 
Korean Fried Chicken *
     short grain rice. house kimchee. eggs two ways
Bim Bop Bacon & Eggs... "stir like crazy" *
Merguez Sauage Omelette
     feta. delicata squash. caramelized onion.
preserved lemon. gremolata
The Whole Toad....soft baked egg bread pudding *
Auntie Paula’s French Toast
     pear maple. whipped cream 

Tasty Steak & Cheddar Eggs   Cascade Natural
     cornmeal pancake. jalapeno butter * 
Duck…Duck….Steak!   Allen Brothers Angus 
     teres major. potatoes confit in duck fat. 
     onion sour cream. sunny duck egg*  
Gaucho Ribeye   Creekstone *  
Steak Frites   Allen Brothers Angus
     truffle fries. demi-glace. shallot compound butter *
The Cowboy Breakfast   Mishima Reserve
     baked beans. skirt steak. Marianne's salsa. over easy egg*  
Pork Schnitzel   Carlton Farms 
     sunny side up egg. ham. havarti.
     mustard braised cabbage * 
     add a mug of weihenstephaner vitus weiss bock

Fries fried in washimi wagyu tallow
    comeback sauce *
Fried Brussels Sprouts. garlic fish sauce caramel
Grilled Broccolini. mojo picon. manchego
Mustard Braised Cabbage  
Maple Cumin Glazed Yams
Cowboy Baked Beans. cotija cheese. Marianne's salsa
Seared Foie Gras. pineapple jam
Beef Bacon

*raw egg used in preparation


Tantalus Royale
     cognac. pamplemousse. lemon. orange bitters
Elizabeth Taylor
     creme de violette. bubbles. toschi cherry
Kentucky Peach
     bourbon. combier peche. angostura bitters. lemon
Oregon Orchard
     gin. apricot liquor. verjus. regan's no. 6

Tasty Mary
     vodka. tomato. worcestershire. horseradish.
     lemon. sriracha. celery salt rim. house pickles  
Dim Summore
     vodka. tomato. hoisin. lime. sriracha. ginger  
     chili infused tequila. tomato. pimenton. calabrian chili
Swedish "Bork Bork" Mary
     linie aquavit. kummel. tasty mary mix. pickles
Make it a...
      Midwestern add a Beer Back  
      Skinny James  

Grown Ass Milkshakes
     crème de menthe. crème de cacao. chocolate bitters  
Brandy Alexander
     cognac. crème de cacao. chocolate bitters  
     kahlua. gran marnier. irish cream. orange bitters

Coffee Drinks
Alder Milk Punch
     cognac. cold press coffee. cream. vanilla. demerara  
Rum Barraquito
     licor 43. plantaion dark rum. coffee  
Capone Café
     rye. aperol. maple salt. coffee  
Coffee’s For Closers
appleton estate 12 yr. angostura amaro.
new deal cascara liqueur. coffee