Served  from 5:30-Close

Bread n Butter  
Low Country Hush Puppies  jalapeno butter
Stoneboat Farms Greens
     pickled fennel. red onion. snap peas. radish. dry jack
     bacon lardons. manchego. chopped six minute egg* 
Foie Gras  pineapple jam   Hudson Valley Grade "A" *
Steak Tartare Caribeña  Piedmontese *
Quail Lollipop  buffalo style  Urgasa, Spain

Goat Cheese Dumplings Arrabiata  Portland Creamery
Cracked Rice Risotto  summer squash. kale.
     creme fraiche
House Made Pasta  
     beef ragu. goat cheese  Portland Creamery 
NY Bulgogi  house kimchee  Creekstone

Chips n Dip  french onion cream
Cheese Board  accoutrements
Toro Bravo Charcuterie Board
Rockfish Ceviche  plantain chips. red onion.
     pineapple. habanero syrup  
Bone Marrow  onion marmalade. watercress
Alder Burger   Cascade Natural
chubut cheese. house bacon. hazelnut romesco*
Baja Tacos
     halibut. apple avocado sauce. escabeche


Cedar Plank Salmon  salsa verde  Creative*
Dungeness Crab Dip  grilled flatbread
Fried Calamari  gochujang. purple daikon. sesame
Pan Seared Shrimp  bacon. calabrian chili
Grilled Octopus  castelvetrano olives. confit garlic  Spain
Seared Scallops  tomatillo salad. green romesco*

Wagyu Skirt Steak  thai basil chimichurri 
     Snake River Farms *
Flat Iron  px sherry glaze. butter basted radish
    Washimi Wagyu *
Hanger Skewer  grilled pineapple. cilantro  Brandt Farms *
Gaucho Ribeye   Creekstone Farms *
Montreal Rub New York  cognac herb butter
     Creekstone Farms*
     Full Montreal  with 2 oz Foie Gras*
Add fresh horseradish to any steak

Skillet Corn Cake  
Sauteed Spinach  shallots. pinenuts
Duck Duck Potatoes * 
Fries fried in washimi wagyu tallow*
Broccoli ala Plancha  espelette aioli
Cowboy Beans  cotija cheese  
Mexican Street Corn on the Cob  duke's mayonnaise. cotija

*raw egg used in preparation